Kritaanjali: A Robotic Harmonium for Performance, Pedogogy and Research

Kapur, Ajay and Murphy, Jim and Carnegie, Dale

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this paper, we introduce Kritaanjli, a robotic harmo-nium. Details concerning the design, construction, and use of Kritaanjli are discussed. After an examination of related work, quantitative research concerning the hardware chosen in the construction of the instrument is shown, as is a thor-ough exposition of the design process and use of CAD/CAM techniques in the design lifecycle of the instrument. Addi-tionally, avenues for future work and compositional prac-tices are focused upon, with particular emphasis placed on human/robot interaction, pedagogical techniques afforded by the robotic instrument, and compositional avenues made accessible through the use of Kritaanjli.