The Gluion Advantages of an FPGA-based Sensor Interface

Kartadinata, Sukandar

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The gluion is a sensor interface that was designed to overcomesome of the limitations of more traditional designs based onmicrocontrollers, which only provide a small, fixed number ofdigital modules such as counters and serial interfaces. These areoften required to handle sensors where the physical parametercannot easily be converted into a voltage. Other sensors arepacked into modules that include converters and communicatevia SPI or I2C. Finallly, many designs require outputcapabilities beyond simple on/off.The gluion approaches these challenges thru its FPGA-baseddesign which allows for a large number of digital I/O modules.It also provides superior flexibility regarding theirconfiguration, resolution, and functionality. In addition, theFPGA enables a software implementation of the host link — inthe case of the gluion the OSC protocol as well as theunderlying Ethernet layers.