An Open Source Interface based on Biological Neural Networks for Interactive Music Performance

Kerlleñevich, Hernán and Eguı́a, Manuel C. and Riera, Pablo E.

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We propose and discuss an open source real-time interface that focuses in the vast potential for interactive soundart creation emerging from biological neural networks, asparadigmatic complex systems for musical exploration. Inparticular, we focus on networks that are responsible for thegeneration of rhythmic patterns.The interface relies uponthe idea of relating metaphorically neural behaviors to electronic and acoustic instruments notes, by means of flexiblemapping strategies. The user can intuitively design network configurations by dynamically creating neurons andconfiguring their inter-connectivity. The core of the systemis based in events emerging from his network design, whichfunctions in a similar way to what happens in real smallneural networks. Having multiple signal and data inputsand outputs, as well as standard communications protocolssuch as MIDI, OSC and TCP/IP, it becomes and uniquetool for composers and performers, suitable for different performance scenarios, like live electronics, sound installationsand telematic concerts.