HCI Methodology For Evaluating Musical Controllers : A Case Study

Kiefer, Chris and Collins, Nick and Fitzpatrick, Geraldine

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

There is small but useful body of research concerning theevaluation of musical interfaces with HCI techniques. Inthis paper, we present a case study in implementing thesetechniques; we describe a usability experiment which evaluated the Nintendo Wiimote as a musical controller, andreflect on the effectiveness of our choice of HCI methodologies in this context. The study offered some valuable results,but our picture of the Wiimote was incomplete as we lackeddata concerning the participants’ instantaneous musical experience. Recent trends in HCI are leading researchers totackle this problem of evaluating user experience; we reviewsome of their work and suggest that with some adaptation itcould provide useful new tools and methodologies for computer musicians.