PocoPoco: A Kinetic Musical Interface With Electro-Magnetic Levitation Units

Kikukawa, Yuya and Kanai, Takaharu and Suzuki, Tatsuhiko and Yoshiike, Toshiki and Baba, Tetsuaki and Kushiyama, Kumiko

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We developed original solenoid actuator units with several built-in sensors, and produced a box-shaped musical inter-face “PocoPoco” using 16 units of them as a universal input/output device. We applied up-and-down movement of the solenoid-units and user’s intuitive input to musical interface. Using transformation of the physical interface, we can apply movement of the units to new interaction design. At the same time we intend to suggest a new interface whose movement itself can attract the user.