Providing a feeling of other remote learners’ presence in an online learning environment via realtime sonification of Moodle access log

KITA, Toshihiro and Osaka, Naotoshi

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

When people learn using Web-based educational resources such as an LMS(Learning Management System) or other e-learning related systems, they aresitting in front of their own computer at home and are often physicallyisolated from other online learners. In some courses they are typically gettingin touch online with each others for doing some particular group workassignments, but most of the time they must do their own learning tasks alone.In other courses simply the individual assignments and quizzes are provided, sothe learners are alone all the time from the beginning until the end of thecourse.In order to keep the learners’ motivation, it helps to feel other learnersdoing the same learning activities and belonging to the same course.Communicating formally or informally with other learners via Social NetworkingServices or something is one way for learners to get such a feeling, though ina way it might sometimes disturb their learning. Sonification of the access logof the e-learning system could be another indirect way to provide such afeeling.