MadPad: A Crowdsourcing System for Audiovisual Sampling

Kruge, Nick and Wang, Ge

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

MadPad is a networked audiovisual sample station for mobile devices. Twelve short video clips are loaded onto thescreen in a grid and playback is triggered by tapping anywhere on the clip. This is similar to tapping the pads of anaudio sample station, but extends that interaction to addvisual sampling. Clips can be shot on-the-fly with a cameraenabled mobile device and loaded into the player instantly,giving the performer an ability to quickly transform his orher surroundings into a sample-based, audiovisual instrument. Samples can also be sourced from an online community in which users can post or download content. The recent ubiquity of multitouch mobile devices and advances inpervasive computing have made this system possible, providing for a vast amount of content only limited by theimagination of the performer and the community. This paper presents the core features of MadPad and the designexplorations that inspired them.