Augmenting Chordophones with Hybrid Percussive Sound Possibilities

Lähdeoja, Otso

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this paper we describe an approach for introducing newelectronic percussive sound possibilities for stringinstruments by "listening" to the sounds of the instrument’sbody and extracting audio and data from the wood’sacoustic vibrations. A method for capturing, localizing andanalyzing the percussive hits on the instrument’s body ispresented, in connection with an audio-driven electronicpercussive sound module. The system introduces a newgesture-sound relationship in the electric string instrumentplaying environment, namely the use of percussivetechniques on the instrument’s body which are null inregular circumstances due to selective and exclusivemicrophone use for the strings. Instrument bodypercussions are widely used in the acoustic instrumentalpraxis. They yield a strong potential for providing anextended soundscape via instrument augmentation, directlycontrolled by the musician through haptic manipulation ofthe instrument itself. The research work was carried out onthe electric guitar, but the method used can apply to anystring instrument with a resonating body.