Disembodied and Collaborative Musical Interaction in the Multimodal Brain Orchestra

Le Groux, Sylvain and Manzolli, Jonatas and Verschure, Paul F. and Sanchez, Marti and Luvizotto, Andre and Mura, Anna and Valjamae, Aleksander and Guger, Christoph and Prueckl, Robert and Bernardet, Ulysses

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Most new digital musical interfaces have evolved upon theintuitive idea that there is a causality between sonic outputand physical actions. Nevertheless, the advent of braincomputer interfaces (BCI) now allows us to directly accesssubjective mental states and express these in the physicalworld without bodily actions. In the context of an interactive and collaborative live performance, we propose to exploit novel brain-computer technologies to achieve unmediated brain control over music generation and expression.We introduce a general framework for the generation, synchronization and modulation of musical material from brainsignal and describe its use in the realization of Xmotion, amultimodal performance for a "brain quartet".