Mobile DJ: a Tangible, Mobile Platform for Active and Collaborative Music Listening

Lo, Kenneth W.K. and Lau, Chi Kin and Huang, Michael Xuelin and Tang, Wai Wa and Ngai, Grace and Chan, Stephen C.F.

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Mobile DJ is a music-listening system that allows multiple users to interactand collaboratively contribute to a single song over a social network. Activelistening through a tangible interface facilitates users to manipulate musicaleffects, such as incorporating chords or “scratching” the record. Acommunication and interaction server further enables multiple users to connectover the Internet and collaborate and interact through their music. User testsindicate that the device is successful at facilitating user immersion into theactive listening experience, and that users enjoy the added sensory input aswell as the novel way of interacting with the music and each other.