Wireless Interactive Sensor Platform for Real-Time Audio-Visual Experience

Lu, Jia-Liang and Fang, Da-Lei and Qin, Yi and Tang, Jiu-Qiang

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

WIS platform is a wireless interactive sensor platform de-signed to support dynamic and interactive applications. The platform consists of a capture system which includes multi-ple on-body Zigbee compatible motion sensors, a processing unit and an audio-visual display control unit. It has a com-plete open architecture and provides interfaces to interact with other user-designed applications. Therefore, WIS plat-form is highly extensible. Through gesture recognitions by on-body sensor nodes and data processing, WIS platform can offer real-time audio and visual experiences to the users. Based on this platform, we set up a multimedia installation that presents a new interaction model between the partic-ipants and the audio-visual environment. Furthermore, we are also trying to apply WIS platform to other installations and performances.