EnActor: A Blueprint for a Whole Body Interaction Design Software Platform

Lympouridis, Vangelis

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Through a series of collaborative research projects usingOrient, a wireless, inertial sensor-based motion capture system,I have studied the requirements of musicians, dancers,performers and choreographers and identified various design strategies for the realization of Whole Body Interactive (WBI)performance systems. The acquired experience and knowledge led to the design and development of EnActor, prototypeWhole Body Interaction Design software. The software has been realized as a collection of modules that were proved valuable for the design of interactive performance systems that are directly controlled by the body.This paper presents EnActor’s layout as a blueprint for the design and development of more sophisticated descendants.Complete video archive of my research projects in WBI performance systems at: http://www.inter-axions.com