Experio: a Design for Novel Audience Participation in Club Settings

van Hout, Bastiaan and Giacolini, Luca and Hengeveld, Bart and Funk, Mathias and Frens, Joep

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

When looking at modern music club settings, especially in the area of electronic music, music is consumed in a unidirectional way -from DJ or producer to the audience -with little direct means to influence and participate. In this paper we challenge this phenomenon and aim for a new bond between the audience and the DJ through the creation of an interactive dance concept: Experio. Experio allows for multiple audience participants influencing the musical performance through dance, facilitated by a musical moderator using a tailored interface. This co-creation of electronic music on both novice and expert levels is a new participatory live performance approach, which is evaluated on the basis of thousands of visitors who interacted with Experio during several international exhibitions.