Multi Rubbing Tactile Instrument

Nagashima, Yoichi

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This is a report of a novel tactile musical instrument. This instrument is called Multi Rubbing Tactile Instrument (MRTI2015), using ten pieces of PAW sensor produced by the RT corporation. Previous research was focused on untouchable instruments, but this approach is fully tactile—rub and touch. The ten PAW sensors are assigned on the surface of the egg-like plastic case to fit the ten fingers grasping the instrument. The controller is mbed (NucleoF401RE), and it communicates with the host PC via high speed serial (115200bps) by an MIDI-like protocol. Inside the egg-like plastic case, this instrument has eight blue-LEDs which are controlled by the host in order to display the grasping nuances. The prototype of this instrument contains realtime visualizing system with chaotic graphics by Open-GL. I will report on the principle of the sensor, and details about realizing the new system.