Comparing Motion Data from an iPod Touch to a High-End Optical Infrared Marker-Based Motion Capture System

Nymoen, Kristian and Voldsund, Arve and Skogstad, Ståle A. and Jensenius, Alexander Refsum and Torresen, Jim

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The paper presents an analysis of the quality of motion data from an iPod Touch (4th gen.). Acceleration and orientation data derived from internal sensors of an iPod is com-pared to data from a high end optical infrared marker-based motion capture system (Qualisys) in terms of latency, jitter, accuracy and precision. We identify some rotational drift in the iPod, and some time lag between the two systems. Still, the iPod motion data is quite reliable, especially for describing relative motion over a short period of time.