Paine, Garth

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The question of sound as an experience of now, as a conduit to the quality of our belonging to the present, is challenging. Yet it is a crucial issue in discussions about ecological listening. I have come to think of sound as a viscous material, a vibrating field of energy that has texture and density and a physicality that is unlike most other media. Now suggests a desire of becoming present in the resonating sound field of our immediate environment. The energy in the field constantly modulates and drifts. I draw on voices and forces from the natural environment, humans and machines. The work seeks to draw the listeners into an inner space in which they can be both present and aware of their sonic environment and become immersed in it. Now is partly inspired by Samuel Beckett’s novel Watt, specifically Watt’s mysterious journey into to the unknown.