A Framework for Modular VST-based NIMEs Using EDA and Dependency Injection

Palsbröker, Patrick and Steinmeier, Christine and Becking, Dominic

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In order to facilitate access to playing music spontaneously, the prototype of an instrument which allows a more natural learning approach was developed as part of the research project Drum-Dance-Music-Machine. The result was a modular system consisting of several VST plug-ins, which on the one hand provides a drum interface to create sounds and tones and on the other hand generates or manipulates music through dance movement, in order to simplify the understanding of more abstract characteristics of music. This paper describes the development of a new software concept for the prototype, which since then has been further developed and evaluated several times. This will improve the maintainability and extensibility of the system and eliminate design weaknesses. To do so, the existing system first will be analyzed and requirements for a new framework, which is based on the concepts of event driven architecture and dependency injection, will be defined. The components are then transferred to the new system and their performance is assessed. The approach chosen in this case study and the lessons learned are intended to provide a viable solution for solving similar problems in the development of modular VST-based NIMEs.