Musical Navigatrics: New Musical Interactions with Passive Magnetic Tags

Pardue, Laurel S. and Paradiso, Joseph A.

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Passive RF Tagging can provide an attractive medium for development of free-gesture musical interfaces. This was initially explored in our Musical Trinkets installation, which used magnetically-coupled resonant LC circuits to identify and track the position of multiple objects in real-time. Manipulation of these objects in free space over a read coil triggered simple musical interactions. Musical Navigatrics builds upon this success with new more sensitive and stable sensing, multi-dimensional response, and vastly more intricate musical mappings that enable full musical exploration of free space through the dynamic use and control of arpeggiatiation and effects. The addition of basic sequencing abilities also allows for the building of complex, layered musical interactions in a uniquely easy and intuitive manner.