A Wii-Based Gestural Interface for Computer Conducting Systems

Peng, Lijuan and Gerhard, David

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

With the increase of sales of Wii game consoles, it is becoming commonplace for the Wii remote to be used as analternative input device for other computer systems. In thispaper, we present a system which makes use of the infraredcamera within the Wii remote to capture the gestures of aconductor using a baton with an infrared LED and battery.Our system then performs data analysis with gesture classification and following, and finally displays the gestures using visual baton trajectories and audio feedback. Gesturetrajectories are displayed in real time and can be comparedto the corresponding diagram shown in a textbook. In addition, since a conductor normally does not look at a screenwhile conducting, tones are played to represent a certainbeat in a conducting gesture. Further, the system can be controlled entirely with the baton, removing the need to switchfrom baton to mouse. The interface is intended to be usedfor pedagogy purposes.