Place, Adam and Lacey, Liam and Mitchell, Thomas

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The AlphaSphere is an electronic musical instrument featuring a series oftactile, pressure sensitive touch pads arranged in a spherical form. It isdesigned to offer a new playing style, while allowing for the expressivereal-time modulation of sound available in electronic-based music. It is alsodesigned to be programmable, enabling the flexibility to map a series ofdifferent notational arrangements to the pad-based interface. The AlphaSphere functions as an HID, MIDI and OSC device, which connects to acomputer and/or independent MIDI device, and its control messages can be mappedthrough the AlphaLive software. Our primary motivations for creating theAlphaSphere are to design an expressive music interface which can exploit thesound palate of synthesizers in a design which allows for the mapping ofnotational arrangements.