Multimodal Guitar : A Toolbox For Augmented Guitar Performances

Reboursière, Loı̈c and Frisson, Christian and Lähdeoja, Otso and Mills, John A. and Picard-Limpens, Cécile and Todoroff, Todor

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This project aims at studying how recent interactive and interactions technologies would help extend how we play theguitar, thus defining the "multimodal guitar". Our contributions target three main axes: audio analysis, gestural control and audio synthesis. For this purpose, we designed anddeveloped a freely-available toolbox for augmented guitarperformances, compliant with the PureData and Max/MSPenvironments, gathering tools for: polyphonic pitch estimation, fretboard visualization and grouping, pressure sensing,modal synthesis, infinite sustain, rearranging looping and "smart" harmonizing.