The Music Cre8tor : an Interactive System for Musical Exploration and Education

Rigler, Jane and Seldess, Zachary

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The Music Cre8tor is an interactive music composition systemcontrolled by motion sensors specifically designed forchildren with disabilities although not exclusively for thispopulation. The player(s) of the Music Cre8tor can either holdor attach accelerometer sensors to trigger a variety ofcomputer-generated sounds, MIDI instruments and/or prerecorded sound files. The sensitivity of the sensors can bemodified for each unique individual so that even the smallestmovement can control a sound. The flexibility of the systemis such that either four people can play simultaneously and/orone or more players can use up to four sensors. The originalgoal of this program was to empower students with disabilitiesto create music and encourage them to perform with othermusicians, however this same goal has expanded to includeother populations.