Ha Dou Ken Music: Different mappings to play music with joysticks

Rocha, Gabriel Lopes and Araújo, João Teixera and Schiavoni, Flávio Luiz

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Due to video game controls great presence in popular culture and its ease of access, even people who are not in the habit of playing electronic games possibly interacted with this kind of interface once in a lifetime. Thus, gestures like pressing a sequence of buttons, pressing them simultaneously or sliding your fingers through the control can be mapped for musical creation. This work aims the elaboration of a strategy in which several gestures performed in a joystick control can influence one or several parameters of the sound synthesis, making a mapping denominated many to many. Buttons combinations used to perform game actions that are common in fighting games, like Street Fighter, were mapped to the synthesizer to create a music. Experiments show that this mapping is capable of influencing the musical expression of a DMI making it closer to an acoustic instrument.