Scoring an Interactive, Multimedia Performance Work

Schedel, Margaret and Rootberg, Alison and de Martelly, Elizabeth

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The Color of Waiting is an interactive theater workwith music, dance, and video which was developed atSTEIM in Amsterdam and further refined at CMMASin Morelia Mexico with funding from Meet theComposer. Using Max/MSP/ Jitter a cellist is able tocontrol sound and video during the performancewhile performing a structured improvisation inresponse to the dancer’s movement. In order toensure. repeated performances of The Color o fWaiting , Kinesthetech Sense created the scorecontained in this paper. Performance is essential tothe practice of time-based art as a living form, buthas been complicated by the unique challenges ininterpretation and re-creation posed by worksincorporating technology. Creating a detailed scoreis one of the ways artists working with technologycan combat obsolescence.