midOSC : a Gumstix-Based MIDI-to-OSC Converter

Schiesser, S├ębastien

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

A MIDI-to-OSC converter is implemented on a commercially available embedded linux system, tighly integratedwith a microcontroller. A layered method is developed whichpermits the conversion of serial data such as MIDI to OSCformatted network packets with an overall system latencybelow 5 milliseconds for common MIDI messages.The Gumstix embedded computer provide an interesting and modular platform for the development of such anembedded applications. The project shows great potentialto evolve into a generic sensors-to-OSC ethernet converterwhich should be very useful for artistic purposes and couldbe used as a fast prototyping interface for gesture acquisitiondevices.