SABRe: The Augmented Bass Clarinet

Schiesser, S├ębastien and Schacher, Jan C.

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

An augmented bass clarinet is developed in order to extend the performance and composition potential of the instru-ment. Four groups of sensors are added: key positions, inertial movement, mouth pressure and trigger switches. The instrument communicates wirelessly with a receiver setup which produces an OSC data stream, usable by any appli-cation on a host computer. The SABRe projects intention is to be neither tied to its inventors nor to one single player but to offer a reference design for a larger community of bass clarinet players and composers. For this purpose, several instruments are made available and a number of composer residencies, workshops, presentations and concerts are organized. These serve for evaluation and improvement purposes in order to build a robust and user friendly extended musical instrument, that opens new playing modalities.