Acoustic Localisation for Spatial Reproduction of Moving Sound Source: Application Scenarios & Proof of Concept

Schlienger, Dominik

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Despite the near ubiquitous availability of interfaces for spatial interaction, standard audio spatialisation technology makes very little use of it. In fact, we find that audio technology often impedes spatial interaction: In the workshop on music, space and interaction we thus developed the idea of a real-time panning whereby a moving sound source is reproduced as a virtual source on a panning trajectory. We define a series of application scenarios where we describe in detail what functionality is required to inform an implementation. In our earlier work we showed that Acoustic Localisation (AL) potentially can provide a pervasive technique for spatially interactive audio applications. Playing through the application scenarios with AL in mind provides interesting approaches. For one scenario we show an example implementation as proof of concept.