Automatic Rhythmic Performance in Max/MSP: the kin.rhythmicator

Sioros, George and Guedes, Carlos

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We introduce a novel algorithm for automatically generating rhythms in real time in a certain meter. The generated rhythms are "generic" in the sense that they are characteristic of each time signature without belonging to a specific musical style. The algorithm is based on a stochastic model in which various aspects and qualities of the generated rhythm can be controlled intuitively and in real time. Such qualities are the density of the generated events per bar, the amount of variation in generation, the amount of syncopation, the metrical strength, and of course the meter itself. The kin.rhythmicator software application was developed to implement this algorithm. During a performance with the kin.rhythmicator the user can control all aspects of the performance through descriptive and intuitive graphic controls.