Mira: Liveness in iPad Controllers for Max/MSP

Tarakajian, Sam and Zicarelli, David and Clayton, Joshua

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Mira is an iPad app for controlling Max patchers in real time with minimalconfiguration. This submission includes a paper describing Mira’s design andimplementation, as well as a demo showing how Mira works with Max.The Mira iPad app discovers open Max patchers automatically using the Bonjourprotocol, connects to them over WiFi and negotiates a description of the Maxpatcher. As objects change position and appearance, Mira makes sure that theinterface on the iPad is kept up to date. Mira eliminates the need for anexplicit mapping step between the interface and the system being controlled.The user is never asked to input an IP address, nor to configure the mappingbetween interface objects on the iPad and those in the Max patcher. So theprototyping composer is free to rapidly configure and reconfigure theinterface.