”Extension du Corps Sonore” — Dancing Viola

Todoroff, Todor and Bettens, Frédéric and Reboursière, Loı̈c and Chu, Wen-Yang

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

”Extension du corps sonore” is long-term project initiatedby Musiques Nouvelles [4], a contemporary music ensemble in Mons. It aims at giving instrumental music performers an extended control over the sound of their instrument byextending the understanding of the sound body from the instrument only to the combination of the instrument and thewhole body of the performer. The development started atARTeM and got the benefit of a three month numediartresearch project [1] that focused on three axes of research:pre-processing of sensor data, gesture recognition and mapping through interpolation. The objectives were the development of computing methods and flexible Max/MSP externals to be later integrated in the ARTeM software framework for the concerts with viola player Dominica Eyckmans. They could be used in a variety of other artistic worksand will be made available on the numediart website [1],where more detailed information can be found in the Quarterly Progress Scientific Report #4.