Development and Evaluation of a ZigFlea-based Wireless Transceiver Board for CUI32

Torresen, Jim and Hauback, √ėyvind N. and Overholt, Dan and Jensenius, Alexander Refsum

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We present a new wireless transceiver board for the CUI32 sensor interface, aimed at creating a solution that is flexible, reliable, and with little power consumption. Communica-tion with the board is based on the ZigFlea protocol and it has been evaluated on a CUI32 using the StickOS oper-ating system. Experiments show that the total sensor data collection time is linearly increasing with the number of sensor samples used. A data rate of 0.8 kbit/s is achieved for wirelessly transmitting three axes of a 3D accelerometer. Although this data rate is low compared to other systems, our solution benefits from ease-of-use and stability, and is useful for applications that are not time-critical.