Yeah, ChucK It! = > Dynamic , Controllable Interface Mapping

Wang, Ge and Cook, Perry R.

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

ChucK is a programming language for real-time sound synthesis. It provides generalized audio abstractions and precise control over timing and concurrency — combining the rapid-prototyping advantages of high-level programming tools, such as Pure Data, with the flexibility and controllability of lower-level, text-based languages like C/C++. In this paper, we present a new time-based paradigm for programming controllers with ChucK. In addition to real-time control over sound synthesis, we show how features such as dynamic patching, on-the-fly controller mapping, multiple control rates, and precisely-timed recording and playback of sensors can be employed under the ChucK programming model. Using this framework, composers, programmers, and performers can quickly write (and read/debug) complex controller/synthesis programs, and experiment with controller mapping on-the-fly.