Remix_Dance 3: Improvisatory Sound Displacing on Touch Screen-Based Interface

You, Jaeseong and Wierenga, Red

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Remix_Dance Music 3 is a four-channel quasi-fixed media piece that can beimprovised by a single player operating the Max/MSP-based controller on atablet such as iPad. Within the fixed time limit of six minutes, the performercan freely (de)activate and displace the eighty seven precomposed audio filesthat are simultaneously running, generating a sonic structure to one’s likingout of the given network of musical possibilities. The interface is designed toinvite an integral musical structuring particularly in the dimensions ofperformatively underexplored (but still sonically viable) parameters that arelargely based on MPEG-7 audio descriptors.