An Interface for Emotional Expression in Audio-Visuals

Yuksel, Kamer Ali and Buyukbas, Sinan and Ayiter, Elif

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this work, a comprehensive study is performed on the relationship between audio, visual and emotion by applying the principles of cognitive emotion theory into digital creation. The study is driven by an audiovisual emotion library project that is named AVIEM, which provides an interactive interface for experimentation and evaluation of the perception and creation processes of audiovisuals. AVIEM primarily consists of separate audio and visual libraries and grows with user contribution as users explore different combinations between them. The library provides a wide range of experimentation possibilities by allowing users to create audiovisual relations and logging their emotional responses through its interface. Besides being a resourceful tool of experimentation, AVIEM aims to become a source of inspiration, where digitally created abstract virtual environments and soundscapes can elicit target emotions at a preconscious level, by building genuine audiovisual relations that would engage the viewer on a strong emotional stage. Lastly, various schemes are proposed to visualize information extracted through AVIEM, to improve the navigation and designate the trends and dependencies among audiovisual relations.