OSC Virtual Controller

Zappi, Victor and Brogni, Andrea and Caldwell, Darwin

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The number of artists who express themselves through music in an unconventional way is constantly growing. Thistrend strongly depends on the high diffusion of laptops,which proved to be powerful and flexible musical devices.However laptops still lack in flexible interface, specificallydesigned for music creation in live and studio performances.To resolve this issue many controllers have been developed,taking into account not only the performer’s needs andhabits during music creation, but also the audience desire tovisually understand how performer’s gestures are linked tothe way music is made. According to the common need ofadaptable visual interface to manipulate music, in this paper we present a custom tridimensional controller, based onOpen Sound Control protocol and completely designed towork inside Virtual Reality: simple geometrical shapes canbe created to directly control loop triggering and parametermodification, just using free hand interaction.