Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Reality Performance

Zappi, Victor and Mazzanti, Dario and Brogni, Andrea and Caldwell, Darwin

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this paper we introduce a multimodal platform for Hybrid Reality live performances: by means of non-invasiveVirtual Reality technology, we developed a system to presentartists and interactive virtual objects in audio/visual choreographies on the same real stage. These choreographiescould include spectators too, providing them with the possibility to directly modify the scene and its audio/visual features. We also introduce the first interactive performancestaged with this technology, in which an electronic musician played live five tracks manipulating the 3D projectedvisuals. As questionnaires have been distributed after theshow, in the last part of this work we discuss the analysisof collected data, underlining positive and negative aspectsof the proposed experience.This paper belongs together with a performance proposalcalled Dissonance, in which two performers exploit the platform to create a progressive soundtrack along with the exploration of an interactive virtual environment.