Past NIMEs

The conference began as a workshop at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) in 2001 in Seattle, Washington. Since this NIME 2001, international conferences have been held annually around the world.

NB: The pages below are historic web documents, and are not updated. If you are looking for the proceedings of the conferences, all papers are located in the common NIME archive.

Conference Chairs

This list only contains the general chairs for the NIME conferences. Each year there were also several other chairs (paper, music, installation, workshops, etc.).

Keynote speakers


Pamela Z Award for Innovation

This award recognizes a person who is doing significant work that improves the discussion about diversity in NIME - either through their research, connecting people or through actions such as organisation and awareness. It was named after Pamela Z because she was a keynote in the founding year, because she is a pioneer in this field and an extraordinary artist, and because spending time each NIME thinking about an award named after a prolific African American woman is a way of continually highlighting the value of her work, and representing voices that are often invisible in the community.